Imperialism Timeline

  • Europeans trade with Africa becomes well established

    In 1850 the Europeans had a well established trading system with the Africans. The reason why this is good for Earupoe is because the Africans have lots of important and unique goods that they want and so they would want to be able to get those goods. An Afican invention that would help African trading greatly was the steamboat. It allowed Africans to travel up and down rivers to ease trade.
  • East India company collapses due to Sepoy Rebellion; British Raj begins

    In 1857 the Sepoys rebelled because their cartrige covers had been covered in beef and pork fat and since they were Hindus they could not use them. When they rebelled they made the East India company collapse and then Britian came in to help and took over India and ths the Raj, or rule over India, began.
  • Suez canal links the Mediterranean and Red seas

    Many Earopeans wanted the suez canal built bevcause it would ease trade. Without the suez canal traders would have had to have gone all the way around Africa to get to India so this was a faster and more efficient way to trade with the Indians.
  • Berlin conference convenes to discuss terms for African colonization.

    The berlin conference was held from 1884-85 to dicuss th dividing of Africa. Fourteen European countries and zero African countries were there which just shows how unfairly it was divided.
  • Queen Liliuokalani takes the throne of Hawaii

    Queen Liliuokalani was put as the last monarch of Hawaii in 1893. Her monarchy didnt last long until she was kicked out by American men.
  • Etheopians defeat the invading Italians at the battle of Adwa

    Menelik II, the ruler of Etheopia at the time, found a difference in the two copies of the treaty Italy wanted t sign with them so he went to war against Italy. Etheopia won the war and got to remain independant.
  • Spanish-American War breaks out; Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Philippines taken from Spain

    When the Americans joined the Cuban war for independance it became the Spanish-American war in which the Americans won and got Puerto Rico, the Phillipine Islands and Guam from the Spanish.
  • Boer war in South Africa

    The Boer was in 1899 was the first war to use guerilla tactics to fight the British. The British faught back though and burned down farms and imprisoning people in concentration camps. The British won in the end.
  • Most of Africa is under European control

    Since the Berlin conference pretty much all of Africa was under European rule. Everywhere except Ethiopia and Liberia were under European control.