imperialism time line

  • 1829

    The perfection of the drag quinine eventually protected Eurpeouns from diease.
  • Crimean War

    War in 1853 between the Russians and the Ottomans.
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    The spread of the rebillion to northern & central india.
  • 1867

    Discovery of diamonds.
  • Suez Canal

    huge man-made waterway that cut through the isthums of seuz.
  • 1884

    The Maxiumgun was invented.
  • 1884 -1885

    The Berlin Conferance was held.
  • 1886

    Discovery of gold.
  • 1877

    The British invaded the Zulu Nations.
  • 1887

    Zulu nation fell to British control.
  • Menelik II

    He became the emporer of Ethopia in 1889.
  • 1890

    U.S began to cobnize.
  • 1899

    Boes blamed the british for starting the rebillion and took up arms against them.
  • Boer War

    War between the british and Boers, the first modern total war.
  • Russisa and Britian take over Persia

    took over the country and divided it
  • british govnerment takes direct command of india

    brought modernization to india in 1907.
  • 1921

    Britian formally agreed that its empire wouldnt spread beyond the Khyber pass.
  • 1979

    the nonaggression packed with Afghanistan was honored untill 1979