• European trade with Africa becomes well established

    Europeans established a trading system in Africa and they enslaved Africans. They used the slaves to harvest raw materials such as oil and rubber.
  • East India Company collapses due to Sepoy Rebellion; British Raj Begins

    The Sepoy's rebell because their new bullet cartriges were waxed with pork and beef fat and the Sepoys were muslim and hindu. It is their tradition to not eat pork or beef. They rebelled and refused to use the new bullets. The British imprisoned the rebels and the Sepoy's rebelled. The British Raj began as a result of the Sepoy rebellion.
  • Suez Canal links the Mediterranean and Red Seas

    The Suez canal was wanted by many European countries because it linked the Mediterranean and Red sea. Without it, traders would have to go around Africa to get to India. The Suez Canal provided a short route from Europe to India.
  • Berlin Conference convenes to discuss terms for African colonization

    The Europeans gathered around in Berlin to divide up Africa. No African leaders were invided to this gathering. The Europeans didn't care about African cultures and split up Africa to their own liking.
  • Queen Liliuokalani takes the throne of Hawaii

    Lilioukalani seized the throne and was the last monarch of Hawaii. She eventually had to give up her power to the United States because of the Sugar companies.
  • Ethiopians defeat the invading Italians at the Battle of Adwa

    King Menelik the second was a very wise ruler. He ordered modern weaponry from the Russians and kept his army modernized and advanced. When Ethiopia and Italy went to war, he had the weaponry necessary to defeat the Italians.
  • Spanish-American War breaks out; Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Philippines taken from Spain

    The United States sought the Spanish territories/colonies as strategic and valuable. They knew the Spanish army was weak and could be defeated easily. Finally the US found a reason to declare war on the Spanish and won the war. They took Puerto Rico and the Phillipines which were strategic locations.
  • Boer War in South Africa

    The Boer War started off as a rebellion of the Boers to the British rule. The Boers couldn't beat the British in an upright battle, and had a bettter change using guerilla tactics. The British got frustrated with their strategy and took all the women and children and imprisoned them in concentration camps.
  • Most of Africa is under European control

    The European countries were anxious to take all of Africa and harvest it's materials. Soon after railroads and improved transportation methods were built, the Europeans spread accross Africa nd explored the lands they didn't explore.