Impact of European Settlement on Aborigines

  • British people arrived to Australia

    Brtitish people arrived to Australia with about 1000 people. Convicts, free settlers, etc..
    British regarded Aborgines as noble savages
  • Period: to

    the begiinning and the end

  • Half of the indigenous populations swiped out.

    Since the European settlers came carrying with them quiet afew number of diseases this had mostly affected the indigenous people, causing half of their population to be swiped around Port Jackson.
  • Pelmulwuy and his men fought so fiere that they were close to taking power of the settles land

    Pelmulwuy and his men fought so fiercly in the battle that they almost gained control of the newlt sttled Parramatta
  • governer king's hate towards pemulwuy

    governer king's hate towards pemulwuy was getting worse, he offered a reward and a freee pardon to a convict if they brought him Pemulwuy's head.
  • New colonys

    European settlers decided to establish new colony, in 1829 they estsablished a new colony on the swan river
  • Settlers killed indigenous people

    A nyungar got shot while taking a potato from a settlers Garden.
  • settlers killing nguyens for robbery

    More settlers have been killing indigenous people because they have been taking food from them
  • William keats killed Yagan

    While the aborigines wanted peace, European settlers just wanted to have the land for themselves.
  • Yagans head was sent to England

  • New forces setup

    They set up a familiar force in New South Wales
  • Aborigines population reducing

    Kurnai's population had reduced from 2,000 to 80.
  • Native police force.

    In Queensland they set up the same native police force.