Immigration and Westward Expansion

  • Losing my job

    I just knew what was about to happen by the look on my bosses face. After finally getting into America and catching a decent job, I lost the job as fast as I got it. I got fired after a week of work.
  • Period: to

    My Immigration from Mexico to America

  • Living under a fight club

    America didn't end up being as great as I thought. About a month after i lost my job i had no money left. I couldn’t afford a house. Every night I snuck into the cellar of a fight club because there was plenty of beer and cloth that I could use to keep warm.
  • Finding the ad for free land in america

  • Got shot in the search for land

    The race for land was very tough because I worked my horse to death and couldn’t afford another one so I had to resort to stealing but I got shot in the arm. I needed to run on foot if I wanted land. When I thought I would never find an open spot I found an apple tree. I reached for an apple and it dropped and started rolling down the hill to my right. I looked down the hill and saw it, the most perfect spot of land I had seen. There were apple trees and a very clean stream. I claimed the l
  • Got shot in the search for land

    There were apple trees and a very clean stream. I claimed the land.
  • Got a steady mining job

    I started exploring my land and found out that a very rich man had land only miles from me. He had a bunch of workers building him and mansion and I went over and talked to him. He turned out to be a very nice man and he treated my wound. He the offered me a job on one of his other nearby properties as a miner. I only had to pay him 10% of my findings.
  • Period: to

    Found plentiful gold

    After mining for weeks with little luck, I struck gold! I started mining it out and there was just more and more! I started to think it would never end. I had to take 5 trips to transfer all of the gold. I started to hire workers myself and built a great house. I had 5 horses, 15 cows and 12 chickens. And many workers that I housed and fed.