Irish man

Immigrant Project Timeline

By BeckBZT
  • Birth

    My name is Hines Beckman. I was born in the slums of Germany. My dad was always drunk, and got fired many times. My mother was a teacher, but she made little money, just enough to rent a super small house, get us food, and clothing. I was a little luckier then others, until both of my parents were killed. They were murdered. I had a choice to make.
  • The Choice

    The Choice
    At the age of 12, I decided, seeing how both of my parents
    are dead, I bought a ticket to go to America. The trip was really
    long and boring, seeing how I threw up almost every 2 hours.
  • New York State

    New York State
    One week later, as we approach New York, I can see something green standing on a big stone. I then realize that it is The Statue of Liberty. I feel my eyes water up, as I realize I made it.
  • The Yanks

    The Yanks
    When I turn 21, I ask the New York Yanks coach if I could play ball with his team to show him how good I am. After playing a ball game, he realizes I could be a huge threat at stealing bases when I get on one. I'm signed for a starting pay of $2,000 a year.
  • Leaving New York, going to P.A.

    Leaving New York, going to P.A.
    After winning my fifth world series championship, I retired with a lot of money, and a few good friendships. I move to Pennsylvania to take up farming.
  • Farming

    I get married at the age of 35, have two kids, and make $1,000 dollars a year from farming. When I turn 50, I have almost $50,000 dollars I spend, save, and share. Life is good, really good.