Immigrant Ancestor

  • Jacob

    My first ancestor name is Dieudunae Clark. He is my uncle from the fathers side of the family. He was a very hard working man and he cares so much about his family. He immigrated from Ivory Coast to the United States so he can get a better education. HE made a great living in the United States by working harder than others. He made sure to get an education for a more successful life.
  • Armondo

    My immigrant ancestor's name is Zoila Baltodano Bendana. She is my grandma from my dads side of the family. She immigrated to America from Nicaragua in 1979 because of war. When she came here, she brought my dad and uncle with her. During that time, she was also pregnant with my aunt. When she lived in Nicaragua she worked for the government.
  • Pamela

    My immigrant ancestor is my grandmother Teresa Castillo. She came from El Salvador to get a better job and earn more money. Once she arrived here, she worked as a house keeper and was mistreated. She was starved and hit by her bosses. My grandmother put up with everything because she needed money to send back to El Salvador. A weathly family took her in and offered her a job. They paid her better and treated her like their own. Once she was stable, she moved to Vallejo.
  • Manny

    My immigrant ancestors name is Manuel Caro Blanco. He is my grandpa from my dads side of the family. He immigrated to America from Mexico. He came in 1987 because many people in Mexico were being killed. When he came here, he brought my grandma. She was also pregnant with my dad during that period of time. He worked in construction until he retired in 2007.
  • Nathan

    My immigrant ancestor is my mother, Rinzel Arguelles. She grew up in a little house at Metro Manila, Philippines. Life was hard back then so she dedicated most of her time to studying. By the time she graduated she decided to be a nurse, but being a nurse in the Philippines was hard. She wanted to pursue a better career as a nurse so she went to the America, the land of opportunities. Now living in America, her life became easier and financial problems that she once had were completely resolved.