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  • Moved to America

    I Olaf Aliiger moved to America because the work was bad here in Ireland and the money and payments were also bad.
  • Started to work

    The work here great with lots of paying jobs and hours and i am making alot of new friends along the way.
  • I got my own land

    I just got my own land and it is wide open, it has good crops, and it has good food on it to.
  • I moved tot he west

    The west has better weather, more job oppurtunities, and lots of free open land also.
  • I got robbed and I lost 1 years worth of pay

    I just got robbed and all of my money is gone and I cant buy anything now.
  • I got my money back and settled in California

    My money was just restored and I settled in California because it has my own land, crops, and i can afford it to.