• housing

    I then needed housing so I went to a tenement and bought cheap housing but it was very run down and crowded
  • immigrating

    I was very poor and I had no land. I thought America would be good fresh start. I think that America has a lot of Land and plentiful work
  • finding work

    I got to America and I immediately needed money so I worked din a sweatshop and there were very low wages and very bad conditions.
  • Railroads

    I heard that if you work on the railroads you are guaranteed land in the west. So I went for it. I got a job with the union pacific but I was disappointed about the low wages. I just thought of the land I will get when I get to the west.
  • Black Codes

    When I got to the west and the rail road was finished we did not get our promised land so I went to buy some. It was hard enough with low wages but the black codes were passed sending many African Americans to the west so it became even harder to find land.
  • Settling

    I finally found land and it was very nice. I bought some lumber and built myself a small house. Then I made a large farm and became very successful in farming.