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I Like Art Girl

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  • Clayton State University

    Clayton State University
    This is where it all began: Pursuit of undergraduate degree in Communications and a minor in Art History.
  • Dr. Alan Zie, Instrumental Professor

    Dr. Alan Zie, Instrumental Professor
    Dr. Zie encourages me to create, teach, and believe in my abilities. This is the moment when I realize Art is my future.
  • Women and the Arts

    Women and the Arts
    Presentation on Lorna Simpson encourages me to pursue Art as my Voice.
  • Collage Art

    Collage Art
    Romare Bearden's collage work influences my art design. He is the most influential artist for me to date.
  • Dr. Clark, Instrumental Professor

    Dr. Clark, Instrumental Professor
    Dr. Clark encourages me to use media with my collage, digital, and photography work. He also introduces me to Japanes advertising techniques.
  • Clayton State University Cygnet

    Clayton State University Cygnet
    Collage work is chosen to appear in Clayton State's annual Art and Communications Cygnet Magazine.
  • Activist Art

    Activist Art
    The art of Shepard Fairey influences my digital art. I present my thesis on his induction as the first street artist into the Smithsonian Museum.
  • My Edition of Life

    My Edition of Life
    The influences of advertising, photography, and digital art are easily detected in my art work and teaching methods.
  • University of Florida Art Education

    University of Florida Art Education
    Began Master's Program at UF for Art Education.
  • Mapping Derive'

    Mapping Derive'
    Mapping Class influences my photography and derive' process.