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  • Friendship with Wheein

    Friendship with Wheein
    These two members of mamamoo group had long ago friendship between them getting to do collaborations on their videos and participating in different events. Always with the same friendship and affection.
  • Debut

    Hwasa did her debut as part of mamamoo being the youngest singer, this change was really significantly strong for her cause she was not loved by the public, but this didn't make her give up so she just continue going forward.
  • Public image

    Public image
    Hwasa has had a lot of controversy for her outrageous outfits and attitudes during her performances, an example of this is the one she taked to mama 2018, or some criticisms and comments
    for their wardrobe of the day, since many times it can generate controversy for being a little sexual. Although this type of scandals has given her a certain fame, becoming inside
    the top 10 most famous people in Korea
  • Twit song

    Twit song
    This song was written and produced by herself talking about problems from her past relationship. It was really recognized internationally, highlighting more this brilliant singer.
  • María song

    María song
    This song mainly talks about self-love, how she had to be involved in certain situations that made her violate her attitude and confidence, but with the passage of time, she was able to overcome her fears and finally achieve that acceptance towards her own person
  • Colaborations

    She has had many collaborations with different artists such as Dua Lipa, Jessy, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung-Hwa, etc ...
    Likewise, she has also participated in different television programs where they expose her daily life, although these programs were done when she still didn't have much success in
    her career as a singer.
  • Awards

    After starting her solo activities in 2019, Hwasa has received several annual awards in South Korea, such as Gaon Chart Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Melon Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards, among others...