Huzaifa Timeline

  • The endourance is broken

    The endourance is broken
    Shacleton was trying to crose the south pole but his ship the endourance got stuck in the ice and they were stranded on the edge of the south pole they saw some animals to eat some of them survifed
  • Living on the ice

    Living on the ice
    The men tried to pull the life boats but they where to heavyFood was scarce untell tom was attaked by a sea lepord but frankie killed it then they had afeast.
  • Stranded

    The Endourance was beneth the ice and the men were stranded on the island they said it is time to make a plan
  • smelling bad

    smelling bad
    Everybody started smelling bad
    and there clothes where smelling bad
  • boat breaking apart

    boat breaking apart
    The men strugled to pull the boats but whenever they tried at
    least one person would die and the life boats where keepon breaking but they trie and they countinoued to elephant island
  • arriving

    They found elephant island
  • rip off

    rip off
    elaphant island was nothing but rock and sand and they still have 800 miles to go shakleton decided to go to south gorgia island
  • small boat big wave

    a tiny boat was facing a huge gray beard and it passed it and almost made it to south gorgia island one peice of ice beat it
  • coming through

    17 days past and they and they se south gorgia island they battle a hurricane
  • land hoow

    the men reach south gorgia island and climb a mountain and eat a soup called hoosh and sleep only for 5 minutes
  • climbing made it

    shakleton reaches the whalling station
  • saving

    they save there freinds on elaphant island