Hungarian War of Independence

  • Coratian army crosses the Hungarian border

    Jelacic, the Ban of Croatia crossed the Hungarian border with an army and was heading towards Buda. That meant the first threat against the Hungarians.
  • Battle of Pákozd

    Battle of Pákozd
    The Hungarian army defeated Jelacic with the leadership of Móga János. As a result, the Ban of Croatia retreated back to Vienna and Móga followed him until the border of Austria. However, he stopped there and did not cross the border until the end of October.
  • Battle of Schwechat

    Battle of Schwechat
    Móga János crossed the Austrian border at the end of October and fought against the army of Windischgrätz at Schwechat. However, the Hungarian army was defeated by the Habsburgs.
  • Battle of Mór

    Battle of Mór
    Windischgräz started a large-scale campaign against Hungary. One of the most important battles took place at Mór, where Gen. Perczel Mór led the Hungarian army and was defeated by the Austrians.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Kápolna

    Görgey got replaced with Henrik Dembinski as the leader of the Hungarian army, however, it turned out as an unfortunate decision, due to the fact that the Hungarians were defeated at Kápolna by Windischgrätz. As a result, Francis Joseph issued the octroyed constitution of Olmütz which meant that Hungary became a hereditary Habsburg province.
  • Period: to

    The Spring Campaign

    The main aim of the Spring Campaign was to recapture Buda. 50,000 soldiers participated in it and it resulted in the liberation of almost the whole territory of Hungary from the Austrian forces.
  • The recapture of Buda

    The recapture of Buda
    The Hungarian forces could finally recapture Buda after long fights during the siege (between 4-21th May), which led to huge losses from the point of the Hungarian army. As a result, they could get rid of the imperial troops and the whole country was liberated.
  • Battle of Temesvár

    Battle of Temesvár
    The Hungarian army with the leadership of Dembinski suffered a critical defeat at Temesvár against the imperial troops (led by Haynau) and the Russian army (commanded by Paskevich).
  • Period: to

    The resignation of the government

    The Hungarian government resigned and Kossuth gave dictatorial power to Görgey.
  • Surrender at Világos

    Surrender at Világos
    Görgey surrendered to the Russians at Világos.
  • The last stronghold

    The last stronghold
    Komárom meant the last stronghold of Hungary, however, they also surrendered on the 2nd of October.
  • Martyrs of Arad

    Martyrs of Arad
    Batthyány and 13 generals were executed at Arad and thousands were imprisoned. And the Hungarian soldiers were forced to serve the army of the Habsburgs.