Humanities 2002-J

  • Period: Sep 24, 1473 to

    Scientific Revolution

    Copernicus born until Newton dies
  • Oct 31, 1517

    Luther starts Reformation

  • Period: Dec 13, 1545 to

    Catholic Counter Reformation

    Started with the Council of Trent, ended with the Peace of Westphalia at the close of the Thirty Years War
  • Period: Jan 24, 1572 to

    John Donne

  • Period: to

    Dutch "Golden Age of Painting"

  • Period: to

    Baroque Era

  • Period: to

    RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel "Descent from the Cross"

    Descent from the Cross
    Oil on panel, 421 x 311 cm (centre panel), 421 x 153 cm (wings)
    O.-L. Vrouwekathedraal, Antwerp
  • Period: to

    Thirty Years War

  • Period: to

    Bernini's Cornaro Chapel

  • Period: to

    Founding of the French Royal Academy of Painting & Sculpture

    In 1795 it merged with the Académie de musique (founded in 1669) and the Académie d'architecture (founded in 1671) to form the Académie des Beaux-Arts (French Academy of Fine Arts).
  • Period: to


    Hobbes publishes Leviathan
    Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason was written.
  • Vermeer’s The Geographer

    Vermeer’s The Geographer
    Vermeer’s The Geographer 1669
  • Period: to

    Johan Sebastian Bach

  • Death of King Louis XIV

  • Period: to

    Rococo Period

  • Period: to

    Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man

    writing beginning 1729, published fully 1734, accepted authorship in public 1735
  • Period: to

    Diderot becomes editor of "Encyclopedia"

    Diderot was editor for 25 years
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

  • Voltair's Candide published 1759

  • Period: to

    Neoclassical Art Period

  • Period: to

    American Revolution Stamp Act to Yorktown

    Ends with the Battle of Yorktown
  • The Death of Marat

    The Death of Marat
    by Jacques-Louis David
  • Oath of the Horatii

    Oath of the Horatii
    by the French artist Jacques-Louis David painted in 1784 and now in the Louvre in Paris
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • W. Wordsworth ‘s Tinturn Abbey

    W. Wordsworth ‘s Tinturn Abbey
  • Period: to

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony

  • Period: to

    C.D. Friedrich’s Monk by the Sea

  • Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa

    			Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa
  • Period: to

    Romantic Period

  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass