• The first TV 1928

    The first TV 1928
    The first TV was in 1928. This was the first mechanical television made. The TV was powered by rapidly spinning wheels. The TVs name is The Octagon. It sits 3-inch wide.
  • The Baird TV 1930

    The Baird TV 1930
    Made in England, it was the first cathode ray tube television receiver to be sold to the public. Being 3ft wide and 2ft high.
  • The first Colored TV 1945

    The first Colored TV 1945
    This model was for $7850 in today's money. With a 15 inch-screen, also it had the capability to process Black and white channels.
  • The HDTV 1981

    The HDTV 1981
    The first HDTV was made in 1981 in stands 3" 3' wide.
  • Flat panel TVs 2007

    Flat panel TVs 2007
    Samsung was the leading seller. The televisions were flat and had high quality.
  • Oled TVs

    Oled TVs
    The kinda new Tv is the oled tv. It has much Better quality than other TVs.