How to break a terrorist;Matthew Alexander;284pgs

  • Chapter 1 pg.5-16

    Chapter 1 is mainly about the main characters going down to iraq for war. Right once they get off the plane and go to the bus they here like knocking then the sirens go off and the bus driver yells get to the bunkers for coverage becuase there were mortars getting fired at them. Then they all go and get accepted in but one of them needs to go on the search for one of the most wanted in iraq.
  • Chapters 1-3 pgs 16-40

    Chapters 1-3 are mainly about where the guys get paired up with there parteners and they go to a meeting. The main character gets paired up with a big veteran and they go to see the captain and thats where it ended.
  • Chapters 6-8 pgs 61-84

    These chapters are mainly about well first of all in the mission that they had done had turned out well, they were succesful but then in a little Abu Ali starts to cry and Bobby asked what was wrong and Abu said that was my friends so that was the main part out of all those chapters that i found intresting.
  • Chapters 8-11 pgs 84-121

    In these chapters Bobby and his teamates meet a guy named Abu Gamal who is a drvier that transports everybody out there around. One of bobbys teamates knew him through a friend and met him before. Then they all have to go through like tests where they see if ur tough enough like mentally tough and on e time they asked a questin like you go in a house to kill and you see a mom and a little girl sitting there and it remins you of your family so stuff like that.
  • Chapters 3-6 pgs 40-61

    Chapters 3-6 were mainly about Bobby talking to Ali and Abu just about like lessons. They also get a mission in those chapters and some, most of them startt getting hurt so they all start thinking about their families before they think their going to die but then they dont the alive have to see if everybodys alright and check on them.
  • chapters 11-14 pgs 121-160

    These chapters are mainly about Bobby meets a guy but it doesnt tell me his name but he is a guy that has a few other brothers and he meets bobby by, Bobby sees a nice Bmw parked out somewhere and he is cooncerd whos it is becuase he likes it a lot and so he meets the guy who is the owner of the bmw and they get to talking and the guy is like well my moms at home byherself and Bobby asks why? so he tellls him becuase all of the guys brothers were there and then they left becuase of other issues.
  • Chapters 14-17 pgs 160-183

    In these chapters the boys find out that bobby died he died by getting shot in the head with and A.K. by a twelve year old. The boys also get asigned another mission it is to go get Abu Raja and the mission is succesful so mainly these chapters are that what there mainly about.
  • Chapters 17-20 pgs 183-203

    In these chapters the men catch another suspect named Abu Haydar. Also the main character takes over the senior intterragator thats what Abu has wanted he wanted to change it up, change the interragators up and thats what they got. Also the main character gives this guy named Ismail another chance by calling phones and getting him a job.