How my use of technology developed throughout the process

By group26
  • First use of Final Cut Pro

    I used final cut pro in order to test if I could lip sync a clip.
  • First use of a GIF

    Here I used a GIF to back up my point in a blog.
  • First use of Prezi

    I used a Prezi in order to show my research into Mulvey's theory.
  • First REAL use of Final Cut Pro

    I used Final Cut Pro to make my animatic.
  • First use of TimeToast

    I used TimeToast to make a production schedule
  • First use of ThingLink

    I used ThingLink in order to analyse my artist's website
  • Use of Dafont

    I used Dafont to make a logo for our group
  • First use of Twitter and Instagram

    I made a Twitter and Instagram for our group
  • First use of Photoshop

    I used Photoshop in order to test ideas for my ancillary products