Hospitality Technology

By gen1888
  • First Automated Booking System

    American Airlines installs the electromechanical Reservisor, a booking system, that is also used by Sheraton Hotels
  • Introduction of Swimming Pools

    Kemmons Wilson opens the first Holiday Inn, with a pledge that he will have a pool at every property.
  • Creation of SABRE

    American Airlines C.R. Smith & IBM's R. Blair Smith forge an alliance to improve the Reservisor system
  • Holiday Inn goes International

  • Completion of SABRE

    SABRE network was completed and launched
  • Airline Reservation System

    Many airlines follow in the footsteps of American Airlines are began development of their own reservation systems

    Delta's Reservation system launches

    This precussor to the interent, created its first successful link between the Unvierstiy of California and Standford Universtiy
  • Ice-cube Makers/ In-room Refridgerators

    Ice-cube makers and in-room refridgerators are introduceded
  • Apollo

    United launches its reservation system Apollo
  • PARS

    TWA launches their PARS reservation system
  • Telephone Systems

    First models of hotel telephone systems are introduced
  • Internet

    The first recorded use the if term "Internet", by the Network Working Group, as a short hand for the concept internetworking
  • Color TV

    Color TV start appearing in guest rooms
  • HVAC systems

    In room air conditioners and heaters are introduced into many guest rooms
  • Hotel Billing Information Center Systems

    Hotel Biling Information Center systems are introduced
  • TCP/IP

    TCP/IP transmmision protocol is launched
  • CompuServe

    CompuServe is the first system to bring electronic mail and the service to support personal computers -- followed by the emgerance of dial-in networks of American Online (AOL) and Prodigy
  • Electronic Air Cleaners

    Electronic Air Cleaners are installed in many properties
  • Mechanic Coded-Plasitc Room Key Cards

    Plastic encoded room keys are introduced
  • Satelite TV

    Sateliet TV systems are introduced
  • Electronic Room Door Keys

  • Satelite On-Demand Movie Systems

  • Phone Voice Mail Systems

  • Amadeus CRS

    Air France and Lufthanasa partner to create the Amadeus CRS
  • Videcom

    The first multi-access global reservation system is launched
  • First Moblie Phone

    The Nokia 9000 Communicator, the first moblie phone, launched in Finland
  • Worldspan

    Delta, Trans World & Northwest Airlines work together to create Worldspan CRS
  • Electronic In-room Safes

  • Wake-Up Call Systems

  • Interface Systems between TV and PMS

  • Galieo

    British Airways, KLM and United work together to create Galileo based off the previous Apollo system
  • Remote Check-in/Check-out

  • Internet goes Public

    Version 4 of the BGP protocol is created and decentralizes the Internet into a public communications medium
  • Wired Highspeed Internet

  • Expedia

    Mircosoft launches Expedia, which is subsqently bought by USA NETWORKS for $1.5 billion
  • Wireless Highspeed Internet

  • Voice-Over Internet Protocol Phone System

  • Terrorism Attack on World Trade Center

    Prompts an 80% decline in travel, halting and slowing new advances in the industry
  • Blackberry

    Blackberry lanuches the first moblie-based email delviery system
  • Rainmaker Business Technologies

    Forms in Ireland and partners with SABRE to prodive new and more comprehenisve software systems to the industry
  • Travelport

    Current owner of Galileo, purchases Worldspan resulting in control of 46% of the travel agent market
  • Biometric Locking Systems

    IBM exhibits Biometric locking systems for guest rooms, using fingerprints or iris
  • Hospitality Performance Group

    HPG is launched and changes the concept of electronic marketing for the hospitatlity and travel industries
  • Future........

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring!