Homosexual Equality Fight

  • The Purple Onion, Australia's first gay bar opened

    Kensington, Sydney
  • Britian Decriminaliase Homosexuality

  • Sonewall Riots

    NY, USA
  • Campaign Against Moral Prosecution

    Sydney gay rights movement inspired by the Stonewall Riots
  • SA Decriminalises Homosexuality

  • ACT Decriminalise Homosexuality

  • 1st Mardi Gras

    (not decriminalised) Sydney's gay community march to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. This march was dubbed as Mardi Gras. Orgainsers intended a non violent event, however police made arrests and things turned violent. 53 arrests were made and men were bashed in their cells by police. Most of the officers who bashed people were outed and lost their jobs.
  • VIC Decriminalises Homosexuaity

  • NSW Decriminalise Homosexuality

  • AUS Medical Assosciation Remove Homosexuality as a Disorder

  • QLD Decriminalise Homosexuality

  • TAS Decriminalise Homosexuality

  • TAS Realease a Statewide Relationship Recognition

  • AUS gov and Labour opposition join forces to ban same-sex marriage

  • 30th Anniversary of Mardi Gras

    New labour government promise to address equality for homosexuals.