holocost- Austin Domel

  • hitlers chanclership

    hitlers chanclership
    January 30 was when Adolf Hitler (hitler) appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Von Hindenburg.
  • boycott

    April 1 Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses
  • allegince

    Armed forces are now forced swear allegiance to him
  • heath insurance

    augest17 jews not allowed public health in surance
  • jews and the army

    jews and the army
    May 31 thee Jews barred from serving in the German armed forces
  • nameing the jews

    November 15: German forces ( whti Hitler) defines a "Jew": anyone with three Jewish grandparents; someone with two Jewish grandparents who identifies as a Jew
  • doc stop

    March 3: Jewish doctors barred from practicing medicine in German institutions
  • open the camp

    open the camp
    July 12: Sachsenhausen concentration camp opens.
  • jews die

    more then 13000 jews die that munth
  • open that camp too

    open that camp too
    July 15: Buchenwald concentration camp opens.
  • register time

    register time
    April 26: Mandatory registration of all property held by Jews inside the Reich
  • You are now hear by expelled

     You are now hear by expelled
    November 15: All Jewish pupils expelled from German schools
  • occupied

    March 15: Germans occupy Czechoslovakia
  • ww1

    September 1: Beginning of World War II: Germany invades Poland. In the following weeks, 16.336 civilians are murdered by the Nazies
  • aushwitz

    May 20 the concentration camp established at Auschwitz
  • byby france

    June 22: France surrenders
  • opens one more camp

    opens one more camp
    Fall: Belzec extermination camp opens
  • massicured

    September 28-29: 34,000 Jews massacred at Babi Yar outside Kiev.
  • extrmination

    March 17: Extermination begins in Belzec; by end of 1942 600,000 Jews murdered.
  • killin center

    killin center
    Winter: deportation of gjews from Germany, Greece and Norway to killing centers; jewish partisan movement organized in forests near Lublin.
  • surrender

    gremin army surrenders
  • byby getto people

    byby getto people
    June: Himmler orders the liquidation of all ghettos in Poland and the Soviet Union so the jews were banished fr4om their
  • hungary

    March 19: Germany occupies Hungary
  • d day

    d day
    June 6: D-Day: Allied invasion at Normandy
  • liberation

    April 15: Liberation of Bergen-Belsen
  • scuicide

    April 30: Hitler commits suicide, liberation of Ravensbruck