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  • When Hitler came into power

    When Hitler came into power
    Hitler became chancellor. All political parties in Reichstag passed the "Enabling Act". That gave Hitler the power to rule by emergency decree.
  • When Hitler got rid of all the political parties

    When Hitler got rid of all the political parties
    Members of the German Communist Party were put in a basement jail. Communist, socialists, and other political parties opponents were arrested and killed by the Nazis
  • Concentration camps

    Concentration camps
    Jews were sent to concentration camps. They were their primary targets. There are also homosexuals, soviet prisoners, and political dissidents. They were identified with colored, triangular badges.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    There was a chart that showed pure "German blood", "Mixed blood", and Jews it was called the Nuremberg Laws. Jews were only allowed to marry Jews, not Germans.
  • Searching for Refuge

    Searching for Refuge
    The Jews in Vienna had to wait in a line to the police station to get a exit visas. Befor leaving Jews had to a large fee in sums of money in taxes.
  • Night of Broken Glass

    Night of Broken Glass
    The Nazis orchestrated anti-Jewish violence across Germany. Jewish businesses were either damaged or destroyed. Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
  • America's Response

    America's Response
    Jews tried to seek refuge in the Unties States. In May St.Louis tried to depart from Germany to Cuba. Most of the passengers were Jews. The U.S government denied permission for the passengers to enter the U.S. After that the St.Louis returned to Europe and the refugees would be killed.
  • Life in the Ghetto

    Life in the Ghetto
    Jews had the wait in line for food at a soup kichen. The ghetto were city districts that were often closed. Sometimes they had to segregate the Jewish population with the non-Jewish population to control the population.