holocaust timeline

  • hitler becomes chancellor

    president Paul von Hindenburg names hitler the führer or leader of the national socialist German worker party(Nazi party) as chancellore of Germany
  • the Reichstag burning

    on this day the building called the reichstag, set on fire by the Nazis as a plan to blame on the communists and asked for emergency power
  • gives the Reichstag speech

    on the same day 6 years later gave a speech about the Jews ruining the economy by starting a future war, and to fix that would be to boycott all Jewish companies
  • the book burning

    university students burned over 25,000 books that were "un-german"
  • night of long knives

    this was the night hitler purged all other political parties except fascism
  • night of broken glass(Kristallnacht)

    hitler ordered Nazi member to attack Jewish companies and Jews in general, 30,000 Jews were locked up that night
  • germany invades poland

    on this day germany invades poland, confiscated jewish property and creates the ghetto
  • the Auschwitz chambers

    these chambers were to hold Jewish people and keep them from society for the aryan race to roam, which later on killed the ones in the chambers