• Hitler Gains Power

    Hitler Gains Power
    The Reichstag passes the Enabling Act which gives Hitler emergency powers. Hitler then uses these powers to take over Germany for the next 12 years.
  • Jewish Boycott

    Jewish Boycott
    Signs are posted on Jewish businesses encouraging Germans to
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    These laws were passed to restrict Jews' way of life. Jews couldn't marry or date with non-Jews
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnacht was a day of terror for the Jewish community. Between Nov 9-10, Nazi forces destroyed and invaded Jewish businesses, homes, and synagogues.
  • Period: to

    Concentration Camps

    After Kristallnacht, thousands of Jews were imprisoned and taken to concentration camps.
  • Ghettos

    In November 1940, Nazis walled off the Warsaw Ghetto, making it impossible for them to get out. After this, they would gradually be moved into concentration camps.
  • Period: to


    Between 1942 and 1944, Nazis deported many Jews to death camps in train cars. A lot of people died in these cars because of the poor conditions in them. There were six of these camps across Nazi Germany, where Jews would be executed.
  • End of Nazi Germany/Holocaust

    End of Nazi Germany/Holocaust
    Nazi Germany collapses and the Allies take control Germany.