Holocaust Timeline by: Ian Romo

Timeline created by Ian Romo
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  • Nazis Burn Reichstag building

    Nazis Burn Reichstag building
    The Nazis burnt the building so that they may blame the Jews for yet another crisis, they also did this to make people afraid of the Jews and create a crisis atmosphere.
  • Hitler gains emergency powers

    Hitler gains emergency powers
    Hitler practically gained the emergency powers by saying that he would protect Germany from the Jews after he framed them for burning the building
  • German President dies

    German President dies
    soon after the president dies Hitler is able to gain 90% of the votes from the people thus causing him to be the new leader of Germany
  • Nuremberg law decreed

    Nuremberg law decreed
    The Nuremberg law was an antisemitic law labeling you as Jew and or German by using your ancestors/descendants ethnicity
  • Jews lose all rights

    Jews lose all rights
    Jews lose the right to have professional occupations,Jewish doctors lose the right to practice medicine, Jews have to register their businesses, Jews are no longer allowed to be in the military,and Jews are not allowed national health insurance.
  • Kristallnacht

    Better know as,"The night of broken glass" was a violent outbreak against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany
  • Relocation of Jews

    Relocation of Jews
    After all the antisemitism towards the Jews they were eventually relocated at first to Madagascar but were eventually relocated to "Ghettos" and killing centers such as concentration camps
  • Isolation of Jews

    Isolation of Jews
    Hitler proclaimed the isolation of Jews to concentration camps and such and weren't freed until the evacuation of Jews in Vienna 6 days after the proclamation