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  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    Boycott of Jewish Businesses
    On April 1st, 1933, Hitler tried to get people to boycott Jewish-owned businesses. This did not end up working out though
  • Nazi Race Laws

    Nazi Race Laws
    Jews were forced to carry around Nazi Race Laws for identification purposes. This showed if they were of the Jewish decent
  • Exit Visas

    Exit Visas
    In March 1938 Jews were lined up to receive exit visas. These would give the Jews the right to flee the country and try to live a better life someplace else. Lots of them fled to close countries or countries that were peaceful.
  • The Night of the Broken Glass

    The Night of the Broken Glass
    On the night of broken glass, Hitler sent his brownshirts which were his secret police to burn down Jewish-owned businesses. This led to the death of many Jews and the arrest of almost 30k.
  • The War Begins: World War II

    The War Begins: World War II
    The war begins. This brings a lot of destruction and lots of ruin. Hitler invades Poland.
  • Hitler Sends Killing Squads

    Hitler Sends Killing Squads
    Hitler had to move his prisoners and emigrate them. This was very difficult because of the large numbers. Instead of moving them, they sent killing squads and murdered large number of Jews.
  • Railcars

    Hitler packed up railcars full of hundreds of people and transported them to concentration camps. The conditions were horrible and they were given no source of water. They would even be given salty fish but they were so hungry they had no choice but to eat. Once they got to the camps they would play music to make the prisoners feel they are safe. They used lots of Propaganda in this act.
  • Danish Rescue

    Danish Rescue
    Danish rescuers ferried 7220 Jews to safety and saved all of their lives.