Holcaust title page


  • Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor

    Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor
    President Paul Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor. Now he has the power to create a division against the Jews.
  • "Prevention of Offspring with hereditary diseases"

    "Prevention of Offspring with hereditary diseases"
    The government passes the law for sterilization for individuals with mental & physical disabilities. This is so they could make sure the next generation is strong.
  • German invasion of Poland

    German invasion of Poland
    The Jews had to give up their valuable items to the gov. Jews couldn't have much as the Germans. Jews were forbidden from the outside past 9:00 p.m.
  • Ghettos

    The Jews were moved into the Ghetto, removed from the Germans. Jews were moved into small spaces with over 30% population. This made diseases spread more easily.
  • Transit Camps

    Transit Camps
    They deport the captured Jews to the camps, thinking they are just moving but indeed are getting killed. July 1, 1943, police staffed the camp but by then July 1943, German took direct control of the camp.
  • Jewish Badge

    Jewish Badge
    Any Jew six or above must wear the yellow star of David on their clothing in public. The goal of the star is to humiliate & segrate the Jews from the Germans.
  • Death Penalty for Aiding Jews

    Death Penalty for Aiding Jews
    Jews that escaped were being protected by others. People that were helping Jews have threatened death or imprisoned time.
  • Germans Surrender

    Germans Surrender
    Germans surrender to western alliance powers. This ended anti-Semitism all around Europe. April 30, Hitler committed suicide.