• Hitler became Chancellor

    Hitler became Chancellor
    Hitler had a lot of vote so was appointed chancellor.
  • Nazi

    They would go around killing Jew & people who seemed unfit.
  • TakeOver Power

    TakeOver Power
    Hitler take over takeover power. He did legally so nobody could say nothing.
  • The Stormtroopers

    The Stormtroopers
    They would kill communist's people.
  • Signs

    Hilter would post signs on Jewish business don't shop here buy German Shoes.
  • Cards

    He made people carry after card to see if their Jewish or Germany
  • Night of the Broken Glass

    Night of the Broken Glass
    This was the night a Jewish boy killed a Germany depulment
  • Home Invalid

    Home Invalid
    This night 96 Jews was killed but his last choice was the gas chambers