• Period: to


  • Hitler.

    Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany.
  • Jewish Stoes.

    Germany starts boycott on Jewish Stores.
  • Agreement.

    Germany and Poland sign a ten year non-aggression pact.
  • Jewish Persacution.

    Jews weren't allowed to have health care, jobs, and many unemoplyed, acholic, and homeless were sent to concentration camps.
  • Australia.

    Following Anschluss which joined Germany and Austria, Jews in Austria were persecuted and victimised.
  • Night of Voilence.

    Approximately 100 Jews were murdered,
    20,000 German and Austrian Jews arrested and sent to camps, Hundreds of synagogues burned, and the
    Windows of Jewish shops all over Germany and Austria smashed.
  • First Death Camp.

  • Death Camps Close.

    With the Russians advancing from the East, many 'Death Camps' were closed and evidence destroyed.