• 3,800 Jews killed during a pogrom by Lithuanians in Kovno

  • Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany

  • Nazies Test poison gas on mentally handicapped

  • Kristallnacht

  • Period: to


  • World War 2 begins

    World War 2 begins
  • Nazis invade Poland

    Nazis invade Poland
  • Beginning of evacuation to Auschwitz

    Beginning of evacuation to Auschwitz
  • German Jews are Ordered into forced labor

  • Poison gas is tested at Auschwitz

  • Hitler Begins his "Final Solution"

  • Jews are forbidden to buy eegs, meat and use public transportation

  • 80 -85% of the Jews who would die in the Holocaust have already been murdered

  • The Last Gassings

  • Germany Surrenders/ World War 2 ends!