• Hans Frank

    Hans Frank made the comment, " I ask nothing of the Jews except the just disapear"
  • Period: to


  • Dathes Of Jews

    A pogrom in Romania results in over 2,000 Jews killed
  • Nazi's Newspaper Quote

    Quote from Nazi newspaper, Der Stürmer, published by Julius Streicher - "Now judgment has begun and it will reach its conclusion only when knowledge of the Jews has been erased from the earth."
  • Being Deported

    430 Jewish hostages are deported from Amsterdam after a Dutch Nazi is killed by Jews.
  • Forced To Work

    Germans ordered Jews into the work force union.
  • Arrested

    3,600 Jews were arrested all for doing nthing wrong just because they were jews. This happend in Paris.
  • Giving Approval To Murder Squads

    The German Army High Command gives approval to RSHA and Heydrich on the tasks of SS murder squads (Einsatzgruppen) in occupied Poland.
  • Nazis Invade

    Nazis invade Yugoslavia (Jewish pop. 75,000) and Greece (Jewish pop. 77,000).
  • Ghettos Established

    Ghettos established at Bialystok and Lvov.
  • Rounding Jews

    The Hungarian Army rounds up 18,000 Jews at Kamenets-Podolsk
  • Himmler Summons Quote

    Himmler summons Auschwitz Kommandant Höss to Berlin and tells him, "The Führer has ordered the Final Solution of the Jewish question. We, the SS, have to carry out this order...I have therefore chosen Auschwitz for this purpose."
  • French approved Hitler

    French Marshal Petain issues a radio broadcast approving collaboration with Hitler.
  • Nazi invades Russia

    Nazis invade Russia (Jewish pop. 3 million).
  • 10,000 Jew Deathes

    Romanian troops conduct a pogrom against Jews in the town of Jassy, killing 10,000
  • Taking Jewish Property

    Ghettos established at Kovno, Minsk, Vitebsk and Zhitomer. Also in July, the government of Vichy France seizes Jewish owned property.
  • Mass Murder

    As the German Army advances, SS Einsatzgruppen follow along and conduct mass murder of Jews in seized lands.
  • Alfred RosenBurg

    Nazi racial 'philosopher' Alfred Rosenberg is appointed Reich Minister for the Eastern Occupied Territories to administer territories seized from the Soviet Union.
  • Concentration Camp

    In occupied Poland near Lublin, Majdanek concentration camp becomes operational.
  • 3,800 Deathes In Konvo

    3,800 Jews killed during a pogrom by Lithuanians in Kovno
  • Final Solution

    Göring instructs Heydrich to prepare for Final Solution.
  • 40,000 Parish

    Jews in Romania forced into Transnistria. By December, 70,000 perish
  • Ordered

    German Jews ordered to wear yellow stars.
  • First Gas Tests

    The first test use of Zyklon-B gas at Auschwitz.
  • Vilna Ghetto Established

    The Vilna Ghetto is established containing 40,000 Jews.
  • Extermanation Camps

    In occupied Poland, near Lodz, Chelmno extermination camp becomes operational. Jews taken there are placed in mobile gas vans and driven to a burial place while carbon monoxide from the engine exhaust is fed into the sealed rear compartment, killing them. The first gassing victims include 5,000 Gypsies who had been deported from the Reich to Lodz.
  • Deportation

    Beginning of general deportation of German Jews.
  • Nazis

    Nazis take Kiev.
  • 27,000 Deathes

    23,000 Jews killed at Kamenets-Podolsk, in the Ukraine.
  • 33,771 Jew Deathes

    SS Einsatzgruppen murder 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar near Kiev.
  • 35,000 Jews Shot

    35,000 Jews from Odessa shot.
  • German Army Drive

    Beginning of the German Army drive on Moscow.
  • Forbidin Grounds

    Nazis forbid emigration of Jews from the Reich.
  • 45,476 Jews Killed

    SS Einsatzgruppe B reports a tally of 45,476 Jews killed.
  • Theresienstadt Ghetto is established

    Theresienstadt Ghetto is established near Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Nazis will use it as a model ghetto for propaganda purposes.
  • Mass Shooting

    Near Riga, a mass shooting of Latvian and German Jews.
  • Japn Attacks U.S.A

    Japanese attack United States at Pearl Harbor. The next day the U.S. and Great Britain declare war on Japan.
  • Hitler Declares War On U.S.A

    Hitler declares war on the United States. President Roosevelt then asks Congress for a declaration of war on Germany saying, "Never before has there been a greater challenge to life, liberty and civilization." The U.S.A. then enters the war in Europe and will concentrate nearly 90 percent of its military resources to defeat Hitler.
  • Stuma Leaves Romania carrying 769 Jews

    The ship "Struma" leaves Romania for Palestine carrying 769 Jews but is later denied permission by British authorities to allow the passengers to disembark. In February 1942, it sails back into the Black Sea where it is intercepted by a Russian submarine and sunk as an "enemy target."
  • Quote

    During a cabinet meeting, Hans Frank, Gauleiter of Poland, states - "Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourselves of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews wherever we find them and wherever it is possible in order to maintain there the structure of the Reich as a whole..."
  • Dead Bodies

    Mass killings of Jews using Zyklon-B begin at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Bunker I (the red farmhouse) in Birkenau with the bodies being buried in mass graves in a nearby meadow.
  • Fianl Problem

    Wannsee Conference to coordinate the "Final Solution."
  • 229,052 Jews Dead

    SS Einsatzgruppe A reports a tally of 229,052 Jews killed
  • Gas Chambers

    In occupied Poland, Belzec extermination camp becomes operational. The camp is fitted with permanent gas chambers using carbon monoxide piped in from engines placed outside the chamber, but will later substitute Zyklon-B.
  • Deporting The Jews

    The deportation of Jews from Lublin to Belzec
  • The Start

    The start of deportation of Slovak Jews to Auschwitz.
  • French Jews to Aushwitz

    The start of deportation of French Jews to Auschwitz.
  • Slave Labor

    Fritz Sauckel named Chief of Manpower to expedite recruitment of slave labor.
  • Train Loads

    First trainloads of Jews from Paris arrive at Auschwitz.
  • Arriving

    First transports of Jews arrive at Majdanek.
  • Banned

    German Jews are banned from using public transportation.
  • Another Camp

    In occupied Poland, Sobibor extermination camp becomes operational. The camp is fitted with three gas chambers using carbon monoxide piped in from engines, but will later substitute Zyklon-B.
  • Newyork Times

    The New York Times reports on an inside page that Nazis have machine-gunned over 100,000 Jews in the Baltic states, 100,000 in Poland and twice as many in western Russia.
  • Wounded

    SS leader Heydrich is mortally wounded by Czech Underground agents.
  • Yellow Stars

    Jews in France, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania ordered to wear yellow stars.
  • Heydritch dies

    Heydrich dies of his wounds.
  • Processed 97,000 People

    SS report 97,000 persons have been "processed" in mobile gas vans.
  • Gas Vans

    Gas vans used in Riga.
  • After Heydriche's death

    Nazis liquidate Lidice in retaliation for Heydrich's death.
  • Deportation

    Eichmann meets with representatives from France, Belgium and Holland to coordinate deportation plans for Jews.
  • More Gas Chambers

    At Auschwitz, a second gas chamber, Bunker II (the white farmhouse), is made operational at Birkenau due to the number of Jews arriving.
  • Newyork Time Reports

    The New York Times reports via the London Daily Telegraph that over 1,000,000 Jews have already been killed by Nazis.
  • Sent Again..

    Jews from Berlin sent to Theresienstadt.
  • Jewish Congress

    Swiss representatives of the World Jewish Congress receive information from a German industrialist regarding the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews. They then pass the information on to London and Washington.
  • Sterilization

    Himmler grants permission for sterilization experiments at Auschwitz.
  • Dutch Jews

    Beginning of deportation of Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.
  • Getting Put In Concentration Camps

    12,887 Jews of Paris are rounded up and sent to Drancy Internment Camp located outside the city. A total of approximately 74,000 Jews, including 11,000 children, will eventually be transported from Drancy to Auschwitz, Majdanek and Sobibor.
  • Crematoriums

    Himmler visits Auschwitz-Birkenau for two days, inspecting all ongoing construction and expansion, then observes the extermination process from start to finish as two trainloads of Jews arrive from Holland. Kommandant Höss is then promoted. Construction includes four large gas chamber/crematories.
  • Exeration Camps

    Himmler orders Operation Reinhard, mass deportations of Jews in Poland to extermination camps
  • More Camps

    Beginning of deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto to the new extermination camp, Treblinka. Also, beginning of the deportation of Belgian Jews to Auschwitz.
  • Left To Die

    Treblinka extermination camp opened in occupied Poland, east of Warsaw. The camp is fitted with two buildings containing 10 gas chambers, each holding 200 persons. Carbon monoxide gas is piped in from engines placed outside the chamber, but Zyklon-B will later be substituted. Bodies are burned in open pits.
  • Croatin Jews

    The start of deportations of Croatian Jews to Auschwitz.
  • Germany Attacks Russia

    Beginning of German Army attack on Stalingrad in Russia.
  • Arrested In Fracnce

    7,000 Jews arrested in unoccupied France
  • All Jews

    Himmler orders all Jews in concentration camps in Germany to be sent to Auschwitz and Majdanek.
  • Germans Sit There

    A German eyewitness observes SS mass murder.
  • Preventing Bad Water

    Open pit burning of bodies begins at Auschwitz in place of burial. The decision is made to dig up and burn those already buried, 107,000 corpses, to prevent fouling of ground water.
  • Less Food

    Reduction of food rations for Jews in Germany.
  • Taking Valuables

    SS begins cashing in possessions and valuables of Jews from Auschwitz and Majdanek. German banknotes are sent to the Reichs Bank. Foreign currency, gold, jewels and other valuables are sent to SS Headquarters of the Economic Administration. Watches, clocks and pens are distributed to troops at the front. Clothing is distributed to German families. By February 1943, over 800 boxcars of confiscated goods will have left Auschwitz.
  • Mass Killing In Ukraine

    Mass killing of Jews from Mizocz Ghetto in the Ukraine.
  • Group Of Jews

    SS put down a revolt at Sachsenhausen by a group of Jews about to be sent to Auschwitz.
  • Deporting to Norway

    Deportations of Jews from Norway to Auschwitz begin.
  • First Transportation

    The first transport from Theresienstadt arrives at Auschwitz.
  • 170,000 Deathes in Bialystok

    The mass killing of 170,000 Jews in the area of Bialystok.
  • Arriving From Germany

    The first transport of Jews from Germany arrives at Auschwitz.
  • 600,000 Jews Murdered

    Exterminations at Belzec cease after an estimated 600,000 Jews have been murdered. The camp is then dismantled, plowed over and planted.
  • U.S.A declares crimes

    British Foreign Secretary Eden tells the British House of Commons the Nazis are "now carrying into effect Hitler's oft repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people of Europe." The U.S. declares those crimes will be avenged
  • Women

    Sterilization experiments on women at Birkenau begin.
  • Reaching One Million

    The number of Jews killed by SS Einsatzgruppen passes one million. Nazis then use special units of slave laborers to dig up and burn the bodies to remove all traces.
  • Residence

    First resistance by Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Arrested And Sent

    Nazis order all Gypsies arrested and sent to extermination camps.
  • RSHA

    Ernst Kaltenbrunner succeeds Heydrich as head of RSHA.
  • 70,000 jJews to Palastine

    The Romanian government proposes to the Allies the transfer of 70,000 Jews to Palestine, but receives no response from Britain or the U.S.
  • Greek Jews

    Greek Jews are ordered into ghettos.
  • Germans Surendered to Russia

    Germans surrender to Russian troops at Stalingrad in the first big defeat of Hitler's armies.
  • Sent to Aushwitz

    Jews working in Berlin armaments industry are sent to Auschwitz.
  • New York Helps

    In New York, American Jews hold a mass rally at Madison Square Garden to pressure the U.S. government into helping the Jews of Europe.
  • 49,900 Deathes

    The start of deportations of Jews from Greece to Auschwitz, lasting until August, totaling 49,900 persons.
  • Another Ghetto

    The Krakow Ghetto is liquidated.
  • Refusing Hitler

    Bulgaria states opposition to deportation of its Jews.
  • New Gas Chambers

    Newly built gas chamber/crematory IV opens at Auschwitz.