Holocaust men

Holocause survivor Shep Zitler

  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    1925-Mein Kampf-book written by Hitler in prison in which he blamed the Jews for WWI; said all nonAryans must be exterminated to create “master race”
  • Nazi Party

    Nazi Party
    1930-Nazi party-National Socialist Party in Reichstag in Germany
  • Hitler Elected Chancellor

    Hitler Elected Chancellor
    1933-Hitler elected Chancellor
    • Storm Trooper (SS) established
    • Builds concentration camps
    • Posts signs “Germans defend yourselves! Do not buy from Jews.”
  • Henrich Himmler

    Henrich Himmler
    1934- Henrich Himmler-chief of SS commands concentration camps
    • “Black Shirts” police Germany
    • Hitler both president and chancellor of Germany est. 3
    rd Reich
  • Swastika becomes national flag

    Swastika becomes national flag
    1935-Swastika adopted as national flag
    • Nuremburg Laws-stripped Jews of all rights and property/and forced to wear yellow star of David as a
    sign that they were Jewis
  • Jesse Owens and Hitler

    Jesse Owens and Hitler
    1936-Olympic games in Berlin –Jesse Owens wins 4 golds-Hitler refuses to shake
    his hand.
  • Buchenwald

    1937-Buchenwald Concentration camp opened
  • Crystal Night

    Crystal Night
    1938-Kristallnacht-“crystal night”-night of broken glass
    • Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synogogues
    • Shop windows broken
    • 35,000 Jews arrested-sent to camps
    • Nazi blamed the Jews for the destruction
    • Curfews placed on Jews
  • Draft day

    Draft day
    In February 1939, he was drafted into the Polish army. The army was the first time that he had associated with Poles. In Vilna, the Jews lived on one side of the street and the Poles lived on the other side. Everyone in the Pole army treated the Jews like dogs.
  • Final Solution

    Final Solution
    1939-Sept. 1-Germany invades Poland-WW2 begins
    • “Final Solution”-started by Hitler to quickly exterminate Jews and non-Aryan races to death camps
    Shep was with the 77th Pulk Piechoty (77th Infantry Regiment).
    The strugle took only 16 days.
  • Captured

    Shep was captured near Radom, and was taken to a prisoner of war camp near kielce.
  • Deportation of Jews

    Deportation of Jews
    1940-Germany starts all deportation of German Jews
    • Auschwitz is built in Poland along with 6 other camps
    • Germany places all Polish Jews in ghetto surrounded by 8 foot wall
  • Mass Deportation

    Mass Deportation
    1941-France sends 17, 000 Jews to camps-massive deportation begins
    *130, 000 Jews left in Germany
  • Shep Works

    Shep Works
    Shep works at several different places during his time being held prisioner. He even works on the Autobahn in Austria.
  • At Work

    At Work
    Everywhere that Shep would work, the Jews would be singled out for "special treatment" (not good)
  • Work Camps

    Work Camps
    1942—110,000-Japanese Americans placed in work camps until war is over• All Polish Jews to Bergen-Belsen concentration camps
    • All ghettos liquidated to Auschwitz
    • Jews committing crimes were arrested-Crimes included:
    using public transportation
    owning pets
    visiting barber shops
    having a typewriter or electric appliance
    wearing or owning woolen or fur clothin
  • Warsaw

    1943-SS troops send Jews in Warsaw after revolt to camps-56, 065 out of 60,000 were killed
    *Only 15, 000 Jews left in Germany
  • Aryan elete

    Aryan elete
    1944-Germans plan to breed an Aryan elite race by making unmarried women bear SS troops’ children.
    • 46,000 Jews were gassed and burned in 1 DAY at Auschwitz
  • Liberation

    Shep was liberated on April 22, 1945. Russian Cavalier were the people who liberated them.
  • Warsaw liberated

    Warsaw liberated
    1945-Warsaw liberated
    • Auschwitz freed-only 5,000 people remained
    • Buchenwald freed (Anne Frank’s dad)
    • April:
    FDR dies
    Mussolini assassinated
    Hitler commits suicide
    • Germany and Japan surrender-WW2 ends
  • America

    On this date, Shep comes to America by boat. He had an uncle in New Orleans who paid for him to take the trip.
  • Hymn

    Shep's part for the last few years has been to lead the singing of the Hymn of the Holocaust Survivors.