• NORTH AMERICA - Canada Declares War on Germany

    Seven days after Britain and France, Canada declares war on Germany. Although Canada was obliged to side with Britain, their Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, demonstrated an extreme notion of independence by waiting a week to follow suit.
  • EUROPE - Nazis and Soviets Divide Up Poland

    After both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia invade Poland, they agree to divide up the territory. 2 million+ Jews reside in the Nazi controlled areas, leaving the Soviets with 1.3 million.
  • EUROPE - Lodz Ghetto Sealed Off

    The Lodz ghetto is separated from the rest of Poland, leaving 230,000 Jews locked permanently inside.
  • EUROPE - Murder by Cyanide Gas Begins at Auschwitz

    About a month after Auschwitz is chosen to be the primary extermination camp for Jews, a cyanide gas called Zyklon-B is tested on Jews. The gas was distributed to Jews who believed they were going to take a shower.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - Pedro Aguirre Cerda dies

    The President of Chile, a member of the Radical Party and a favorite of the Chilean Popular Front, died as a result of tuberculosis. He knew his death was fast approaching, so he appointed a man named Jeronimo Mendez. He serves as president until Juan Antonio Rios took office on April 2, 1942.
  • NORTH AMERICA - FDR Signs Executive Order 9066

    Believing that some Japanese citizens were on United States soil to spy for Japan, FDR signs on his approval for the detainment of 110,000 Japanese Americans (75,000 of them were citizens) in relocation camps on the west coast. These camps would be in operation for three years.
  • NORTH AMERICA - Sleepy Lagoon Murder in Los Angeles

    A 19-year-old man attending a party near the Sleepy Lagoon reservoir was murdered as a result of a figh between two Mexican street gangs. His body was discovered in the reservoir the next day, and massive media attention leads to the arrest of 300 Mexican Americans on the 4th.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - Catavi Massacre

    Just north of Unca, Bolivia, tin miners and Bolivian soldiers got into a conflict inside the Catavi mining camp. The issue was the result of the efforts of miners to fix (or better) their poor living conditions. The miners and their families went on strike, and were met by a massive amount of govrnment opposition. When the miners refused to go back to work, the soldiers fired, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of male miners, their wives, and their children.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - Venezuela Establishes 50-50 Oil Law

    In March of 1943, Venezuela established a law that split the profit of oil sales 50-50. 50% profit went to th governement, and the other 50% went to the actual oil companies. The law was reviewd several times to ensure that the splitting was exact.
  • EUROPE - Liquidation of Ghettos is Ordered

    All ghettos in occupied Poland are ordered to be liquidated, and those who reside inside are to be dispersed among concentration and extermination camps.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - Jorge Ubico Resigns as Guatemalan Dictator

    Following just under a month of peaceful protesting, petitioning, and striking, Jorge Ubico realized his days as dictator would be troubled and difficult from there on out. Instead of enduring it, he resigned, handing his government position over to a powerful military figure. This figure showed no evidence that he would allow free voting, and further striking led to another overthrow, and a president was appointed. His name was Dr. Juan Jose.
  • EUROPE - Death Marches Begin

    As troops from the Allies begin liberating camps, 25,000 Jews are forced by the Nazis to brave rain and snow, walking over 100 miles from Budapest to the Austrian border.
  • NORTH AMERICA - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dies

    After four terms in office--the most held by any presidential official--the 32nd President of the United States died. He suffered a large cerebral hemmorhage after complaining of a pain in the back of his head, leaving Vice President Harry S. Truman in charge of an atomic bomb (a weapon of unbelievable power). Mr. Truman was also placed with the responsibility of the remainder of World War II.
  • EUROPE - Hitler's Suicide

    As Russian troops enter Berlin, aiding the Allies in the liberation of ghettos, concentration camps, and extermination camps, Hitler commits suicide in his bunker to avoid being caught and tried for his horrendous crimes.
  • NORTH AMERICA - First Atomic Bomb

    The first atomic bomb called the Trinity Test explodes in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - Juan Peron Arrested in Argentina

    Peron, a popular military figure, was arrested after opponents within the armed forces demanded his resignation as secretary of war. His mistress, Eva, advocated his innocence and on October 17, he was released.