Holiday Reading

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    Term 1 Holidays

  • Before I Go To Sleep

    Before I Go To Sleep
    Christine wakes up every morning and forgets everything that has happened the years before. She lives with her husband, but she forgets who he is every night. She starts to write a secret journal and writes down everything that happens each day. Then each morning she rereads her journal. She starts to wonder about her life and the truth of everything she is told.
  • Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf
    This book is about a man who studied wolves. He lived with wolves and tried hard to learn lots about them. However, he began to ignore his family and stopped being a good parent because he was so interested in the lives of the wolves. Then he was in a car accident with his daughter. He was very sick and his daughter and son had to decide what to do.
  • Tough Enough

    Tough Enough
    Matt moves to a new town and tries to make friends with the local kids. He tries to be tough and the kids end up daring him to do something. He tries to be brave, but gets himself in a dangerous situation.