Auschwitz death camp

Hitler's Final Solution : Racial Genocide

By hudyet
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf was written by Hitler when he was placed in jail for a year. Mein Kampf translates into "My Struggle" . In this book he outlined his belifs and actions he would take if he assumed power. He wrote in Mein Kampf that the Aryan race was to be the "Master Race."
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    Hitler Becomes Chancellor
    Hitler ran to become Chancellor againest Hidenburg , which he lost . But this didn't stop him ; he now wantd to become Presdient. Hitler got his German citizenship on February 26, 1932 then announced his presidential candidacy the next day. And yet again Hitler got deafeted . Hitlers deafeats of gaining a spot of higher power ended January 30, 1933 when Hindenburg had to appoint Hitler Chancellor at once.
  • The Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act
    The Reichstag passed the Enabling Act, which gave dictatorial authority to Hitler's cabinet for four years.
  • Boycott

    This was Hitler's first official act againest the Jews was a boycott of Jewish businessess and shops. Nazis passed out propaganda that promoted the boycott ofJews.
  • Nuremburg Law

    Nuremburg Law
    The Nuremberg Laws, as they became known, did not define a "Jew" as someone with particular religious beliefs. But instead these laws defined a Jew as any person with at least one Jewish grandparent .The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of their rights as citizens, and Jews were banned from marrying non-Jews.
  • Kristallnact - The Night of Broken Glass

    Kristallnact - The Night of Broken Glass
    The riots, violence, destruction and death that marked Kristallnacht throughout Nazi Germany in 1938 were no accidental act of violation. But a deliberately incited and massive, attack on the Jews of Germany,orchestrated by Reinhard Heydrich, through the arms of the Gestapo, the Police and the SD. This marked the begining of the end for all Jews in Germany and the invaded country. This was the begining of the departaion of Jews to death camps and concentration camps.
  • First Ghetto

    First Ghetto
    *Unknown Date *
    During World War II, ghettos were city districts (often enclosed) in which the Germans concentrated the municipal and sometimes regional Jewish population and forced them to live under miserable conditions. Ghettos isolated Jews by separating Jewish communities from the non-Jewish population and from other Jewish communities. The Germans established at least 1,000 ghettos in German-occupied and annexed Poland and the Soviet Union alone.
  • The "Final Solution"

    The "Final Solution"
    The "Final Solution" was said to be this,Nazi documents only refer to and describe the Final Solution as a plan to "Purge German living space of Jews by legal means," through forced immigration out of German territory and evacuation to the East to be "utilized for work in the East in a suitable manner." Jews, "working in essential war industries," or volunteering to be sterilized would not be evacuated.But this was not the case, Jews were palced in concertation camps then death camps insetad,
  • Fall of the Weimar Republic

    Fall of the Weimar Republic
    The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference was for Reinhard Heydrich, chief executor of the Final solution to the Jewish question, to discuss Final Solution policies for Jews with administrative leaders. During the course of the Final Solution Conference several plans were discussed and recorded in minutes of the meeting.
  • The Final Stage

    The Final Stage
    The FInal Stage was the mass gassings of Jews at the death camps. Six thousand Jews died daily from the gas chambers. With more Jews coming in daily by the train load it was a regular routine for the Nazi. After the gas chambers the bodies would be placed in ovens to be burned or they would be placed into mass pits and burnt there. This was the final stage in Hitler's plan to rid the Jews from Europe.