Histroy of Electricity

By KirstyW
  • James Watts

    James Watts
    (1736-1819) James Watt was a Scottish inventor who made improvements to the steam engine during the late 1700s. Soon, factories and mining companies began to use Watt's new- and- improved steam engine for their machinery. This helped jumpstart the Industrial Revolution, a period in the early 1800s that saw many new machines invented and an increase in the number of factories. After his death, Watt's name was used to describe the electrical unit of power
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) Using zinc, copper and cardboard, this Italian professor invented the first battery. Volta's treabty produced a reliable, steady current of electricity. The unit of voltage is now named after Volta
  • André-Marie Ampère

    André-Marie Ampère
    André-Marie Ampère(1775-1836), a French
    physicist and science teacher,
    played a big role in discovering
    electromagnetism. He also helped
    describe a way to measure the
    flow of electricity. The ampere,
    which is the unit for measuring
    electric current, was named in
    honour of him.
  • Georg Ohm

    Georg Ohm
    German physicist and teacher Georg
    Ohm researched the relationship
    between voltage, current and
    resistance. In 1827, he proved that
    the amount of electrical current
    that can flow through a substance
    depends on its resistance to
    electrical flow. This is known as
    Ohm’s Law.