History of TV

  • Electromechanical tv!(black and white)

    It was the first TV but in black and white.
  • Period: to

    1926 to 2011

  • Coaxial cable lines invented

    Now about 200 TV sets are use worldwide and the first TV program was made.
  • Electromechanical TV!(black and white)

    This was to help the first TV to have better quality.
  • The Firist Colour TV

    Colour TV in hd now available! TV is becoming more pop!
  • Video camera tube

    Picture pickup tube in a television camera, showing the show.
  • Cable TV

    Cable television is a system of providing television program to people who are watching
  • First nice tv and a tv that u can play games on!

    A modern TV and have better quality and colour. And to play games on!
  • First flat screen tv

    The first flat screen TV so people would have better quality and better looking TV.
  • 3d TV’s

    3d TV’s at home! People stared to make 3d movies so people could enjoy 3d movies at home Instead of a cinema.
  • Touch screen

    The first tv touch screen and very flat! And internet