History of the Palau

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  • Building of the Ciutadella

    Building of the Ciutadella
    The building directed by Prosper of Verboom lasted 32 years
  • Executions of Barcelona citizens

    They did the executions in the Ciutadella on June of 1809 due to the repression by the french army in Catalonia
  • Demolition of the Ciutadella

    The general Joan Prim achieved that a law ordered the demolition of the Ciutadella, the conversion in park and the cession in the city. Three buildings weren't demolished: the palace of the governator, the church and the arsenal.
  • Universal Exposition

    Universal Exposition
    In the space of the ancient Ciutadella was celebrated the Universal Exposition of Barcelona.
  • The ancient arsenal

    The ancient arsenal
    The ancient arsenal transformed into royale palace because the Kings stayed in Spain when they wet to Barcelona. Pere Falqués was the architect in charge to transform the arsenal into a palace.
  • Principal Art Museum

    Principal Art Museum
    It was transformed into he Principal Art Museum and there were added two lateral wings
  • Opening of the Parliament headquarters

    In 1932 the president of the Generalitat, Francesc Macià, decided to give another function to the royale palace of the Ciutadella and install the Parliament of Catalonia headquarters
  • The end of the Parliament headquarters

    The end of the Parliament headquarters
    The Parliament headquarters by a short time and with one interruption of 17 months: Bienni Negre. The last meeting was in 1938.
  • Franco

    The general Franco transformed the Parliament Palace into a barrack.
  • Modern Art Museum

    The barrack was transformed into the Modern Art Museum.
  • The parliament

    With the recuperation of the democratic freedoms and Catalonia's institutions , the palace was reformed and readapted to admit another time the Parliament. The 10th of April of 1980 was done the first session.