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History of the Internet Nathan

  • Arpanet

    Was the first real network to run on packet switching technology.
  • E-mail

    It would change the way we talk to people and how then we could send information
  • Spam

    This would mean thoudands of unsolicited commerical emails would be sent
  • First emoticon

    First emoticon
    Changed the way how we can send emitons to other people
  • First Domain Name Systerm

    First Domain Name Systerm
    People could make websites with domain names
  • AOL

    was the begining of a new and great thing on the internet
  • First web page created

    First  web page created
    Changed becuse that is now what we use to get information
  • Google is born

    Google is born
    This is big because everyone uses this website every day and is an easy way to search
  • Wikipedia is launched

    Wikipedia is launched
    We use this site every day to find info
  • Youtube starts

    Youtube starts
    You can find any vidoe that you could ever think of