History of the Internet- Heather Kottre

By hkottre
  • Arpanet

    Created a new network of computers by the government-
  • Unix

    The operating system whose design heavily influenced that of Linux and FreeBSD (the operating systems most popular in today’s web servers/web hosting services).
  • Arpanet Network

    Arpanet Network
    This is what computers used to connect to the network.
  • Email

    The email was created by Ray Tomlinson.
  • Project Gutenberg and eBooks

    Project Gutenberg and eBooks
    Is a global effort to make books and documents in the public domain available electronically.

    Frances own Arpanet-like project.
  • The first trans-Atlantic connection and the popularity of emailing

    The first trans-Atlantic connection and the popularity of emailing
    Arpanet made its first trans-Atlantic connection.
  • The beginning of TCP/IP

    The beginning of TCP/IP
    A proposal was published to link Arpa-like networks together into a so-called "inter-network", which would have no central control and would work around a transmission control protocol.
  • The email client

    The email client
    The first modern email program was developed by John Vittal,
  • The PC modem

    The PC modem
    It’s the year the first PC modem, developed by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington, was introduced and initially sold to computer hobbyists.