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History of the Internet

By Baurus
  • Founding of ARPA

    US founds ARPA in response to Soviet satellite launch.
  • Study on cooperative network of time-sharing computers

    Two computers linked with 12kbps line.
  • BBN awarded Packet Switch contract

    Begin building nodes, researching into networking.
  • Project Gutenburg Started by Michael Hart

  • Ray Tomlinson modifies email program for ARPANET

    Becomes quick hit
  • BBN opens TelNet

  • Queen Elizabeth Sends an Email

  • TCP splits to TCP and IP

  • First Commercial Spam Message

  • USENET Established

    Created by Duke and UNC under .NET
  • Internet Activities Board (IAB) Established

  • CERT Established

  • ARPANET Ceases to Exist

  • Term 'surfing the internet" coined

  • World Bank comes online

  • Internet 25th Anniversary

  • Internet Restricted in some areas

  • Google Founded

    Initially the crawler only reached 26 Million pages
  • Internet becomes available in Saudi Arabia

  • NASA tests space communications system based on Internet