History of The Internet

By typhani
  • Packet-switching Networks came into play in the 60's

    Packet-switching was a system that transfuredpeices of data to one server. There the peices of data were all put back together. Almost like a puzzle. This system started in Europe

    Advanced Research Projects Agency.ARPANET is a control Protocol network they used this transmission fron '69-'82. The military took use of this system during the Cold War.
  • Rise of USENET

    This neywork was used for information sharinhg and talking. This way you could talk about whatever you wanted. The ARPANET was mainly militsry use.
  • World Wide Web introduced

    Was developed and brought to the world by Mr.Tim Berners-Lee
    with help from Robert Caillau. This network is a standard linked information system, that can be used by many differant computers at the same time.
  • Mosaic

    The first proper web-browser to be developed. It was developed at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications. It was imported to PC's and MAC's there was a boom in computer use.
  • The First large ISPs

    AOL, Comuserve, and Sun Java are reeleased offering access to the mass. Browser war between Netscape and Microsoft going strong