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history of the computer

  • the first ever computer

    usde to find out stuff around the world for example what football games were on this saturday
  • Period: to


  • the first ever moniter

    it is able to show colour on a computer and show what is on the computer
  • the first microwave was made

    used to make cold food nice and hot
  • the first printer

    used to print out things on the computer like maybe a piece of homework
  • the flat screen tv was made

  • the first ever gps

    helps you find places around the world where you haven't been to. used mostly on cars
  • first game console

    used for kids to play on wile they are doing nothing
  • the first digital camera

    it takes pictures which you could use as some memory
  • the complew number calculator was made

    used to work out very hard calculations
  • the ipad was made

    was built to be a computer that you can carry around with you