History of the Computer

  • Relevance of the Computer

    Relevance of the Computer
    Although an early version, people in this time/era were often reffered to as computers when working with tables. This is one of the earliest recorded time of the use of the word, however different is may occur to be to us. These people painstakingly worked with long tables, and mistakes were often common. The first use of these punch cards in 1801 were used as improvement to the textile co.
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    History of the Computer

  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    Charles Babbage was perhaps the greatest innovator in this industry, and can be proclaimed as the first one to strive to make a machine known as a computer. Charles wanted a machine to read these tables, mainly because of the errors made when reading them. He started to create a "Difference engine". However, by 1829, he had expanded all his money.
  • Charles Babbage and the Machine

    Charles Babbage and the Machine
    By 1832, a small section of the Miracle machine had begun to work. This Analytical engine was piecing together slowly but surely.
  • Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace
    Ada Lovelace meets and tries to convince scientists of the benefit of Charles Babbages machine. The British government fails to see the Advancement. She is considered the first computer programmer.
  • Charles Babbage dies

    Charles Babbage dies
    Charles Babbage dies, only part of his machine works.
  • Herman Hollerith

    Herman Hollerith
    Herman Hollerith summits his idea for a punch card machine to be used. He created it after getting the idea from train conducters. This Tabulation machine remains popular and is bought by the Burea. This is the next major step in Computers.
  • Census requires more effecient way of conducting

    Census requires more effecient way of conducting
    The 1890 census is to be held. However, the census company is having much trouble keeping up with census's, as seen in 1880's. It took 8 years to conduct the 1880 census, and even longer for the next. Its request that a machine or idea be built for the Census Buruea.
  • Tabulating machine Co created

    Tabulating machine Co created
    Hemran Creates the tabulating machine Co to sell his invention.
  • WW1 Begins

    WW1 Begins
    Ww1 begins
  • WW1 ends

    WW1 ends
    Ww1 ends.
  • Tabulating machine Co

    Tabulating machine Co
    the Tabilating Machine Co gets bought by IBM
  • WW2 Starts

    WW2 Starts
    Unofficial start to war
  • Colussus is Created

    Colussus is Created
    First Colossus computer is being designed and maintained. This computer is the computer used to crack German Enigma code. This Computer was then Used to compute German code.
  • End of WW2

    End of WW2
    End of ww2

    ENIAC is created to compute Howitzer cannon shots, However, it works and functions as a giant calculator just as well. Next major step in computers is completed.
  • Remmington Buys Eniac co

    Remmington Buys Eniac co
    After the death of one of the makers, Eniac is solled to The Remmington Rand. They Use Eniac to creat Univac, a better produced and hugely important component in Computers today.
  • UNIVAC predicts

    UNIVAC predicts
    UNIVAC, to everyones disbelief, predicts the electoral outcome.
  • Transistors

    Transistiors, during and before the space race, repalce Vaccum tubes. This major advancement revolutionized the space race. By doing this, replacment of tubes is no longer required in major numbers. This single chip of silicon holds integrated circuits, and acts as a mircoproccessor.

    The original owner of IBM did not see the future in Computers. However, when John Watsons son took over, IBM flourished in the computer era. IBM now controls 1960s in computer manufacturing and processing.
  • Mouse created

    Mouse created
    Engelbart Creats the very first mouse, which is to be used extensively in the future
  • Xerox

    Creats the Alto, the first personal computer to use a GUI. Inspired Apple and various other computers.
  • Micro

    Gates and Allen start a software firm after dropping out of college.
  • Apple computer

    Apple computer
    Steve jobs ans Steve Wozniak form Apple Computer.
  • Steve Wosniak

    Steve Wosniak
    Steve Wozniak creates the Apple 1. This major innovation, not recognized at the time, has yet to be discovered.
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2
    Mass produced Apple Computer to have basic Programming and first color graphics. Sold well
  • Retail version of Windows

    Retail version of Windows
    First retail version of Windows is launched.