History of the Aboriginal people

By shray
  • The Stolen Generation

    One of the tragic aspect of the Assimilation policy was that childrens were taken away from their parents. They thing it is ''for their own good'' because the whites way would benefit them more than the Aboriginal culture
  • WWI

    The beginning of WWI, even though soliders went to war, many aboriginal children was still taken from their families
  • Aboriginies Act

    boriginal people apply to 'cease being Aboriginal' and have access to the same rights as 'whites'.
  • Assimilation

    Assimilation was introduced in 1951. The policy was that Aboriginals has to be like white people. Assimilation was another Government policy ''for the best'' of the indigenous people but it was just another way of destroying the culture.
  • Intergration

    In 1964 it became clear that these policies didnt work. There was a rise of indifeneous protest movement in the 60's. Australian Governement did not try to create a multicultural society until the 70's.
  • Referendum

    Because Aboriginals were classifed flora and fauna before 1967, there was a movement/protest to change that. ''vote yes for aboriginals''
  • Self Determination

    Self Determination meant that Aboriginals would have more say in their affairs and more input into the laws and policies of Australia
  • Self-Determination

    The Whitlam Government abolishes White Australia Policy and introduces a policy of self-determination.
  • Native title

    Native title is the recognition by the Australian law that some indigenous people have rights and interests to their land. The foundational case for the native title in Australia would be the Mabo vs Queensland case in 1992
  • Native Title Act

    The Keating Government enacted the Native Title Act in 1993, a year later the Mabo vs Queensland case which was led by Mabo
  • The Apology

    The Australian Parliament apologises to the stolen generation, both sides of the parliment said ''sorry''
  • Yunpingu

    The lead singer Yunupingu dies at his home in yirrakala in Eastern Arnhem Land, from a kidney disease