History of Technology

Timeline created by billyfiore27
  • Pc invented

    Pc invented
    General purpose computer, whose size and capabilities make it useful for the consumer
  • Altair

    1975, Four boards stacked on top of each other, consisted of five cards, a computer on one, and memory on the others
  • CRAY-1 invented

    first supercomputer
  • Apple created

    Apple created
    A company that designs, develops, and sells computer electronics and computer software
  • First Electronic Spreadsheet

    First Electronic Spreadsheet
    Made up of individual worksheets that each can do something different
  • Macintosh invented

    Macintosh invented
    January 1984 the model M0001 macintosh came out and was $2945 and was a 9 inch monitor screen.
  • Windows

    An operating system for personal computers with graphical user interference