History of technical inventions

  • Telescope

    Hallileo Halliley invented a telescope which could zoom objects up to 30 times.
  • Electric cell

    Electric cell
    Alexander Volta created the first electric cell, but wide practical using of cells started only in 1886.
  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    Many great inventors from different countries worked over creation of steam engine and they made it in different ways at different periods of time. But that is George Stephenson who made and tested the steam engine which gave a start to development of railway communication in England and in the world.
  • Telegraph

    Samuel Morse created an electro-mechanical telegraph line. Morse was the author of special Morse code which was and is used in different spheres.
  • Diesel

    In 1890 Rudolph Diesel invented a special type of engine (diesel). But he patented his invention in 1893 only.