History Of Radio

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    History Of Radio

  • Marconi invents Radio

    Marconi gets the patant for radio and is deemed the creator of radio
  • Marconi Opens A radio Factory

    Marconi Opens the first radio factory.
  • First Intercontinental Radio Wave was sent and Recieved

    First time a radio wave is sent between 2 continents.
  • Titanic Sank

    The Titanic sank and, Many survived thanks to radio signals
  • First Broadcast delivered

    first broadcast was a weather broadcast was in morse code.
  • First Music Radio Station Aired

    First time people play music on the radio for others to hear
  • First Broadcast For entertainment

    First time someone did a talking broadcast for entertainment purposes
  • FRC Founded

    The federal radio commision was founded and thier goal was to control radio broadcasting.
  • AM Radio Is invented

    Ampletude modulated radio is invented
  • Radio Usage in WW2

    Radio helped end WW2 thanks to easier communication.
  • TV

    Tv was invented using radio waves
  • Pocket Transistor Radio

    first portable radio was invented.
  • Aircrafts began using AM Radio

    Pilots begin using radios for navigational purposes
  • First Sony Transistor Radio

    Sony invented their version of the transistor radio which became the template for many years
  • Gps Satalites were sent out

    Gps satallites were sent out to establish the use of gps's.