History of Radio.

  • Period: to


  • Marconi invented the first Radio

    Marconi, and italian inventor, claimed to have invented the radio. this is not confermed, but there is no proof he did not invent, so he is the offical inventor.
  • invention of the avduor tube

    the tube increased the radio signal range, making the radio more popular and better.
  • Radio saved Titanic Survivors

    before the Titanic Sank, someone called for help on the radio, rescue arrived at the crash site and escorted them to safety.
  • First Radio Station aired

    the first radio station known today as KDKA still exists today.
  • FRC established.

    the Federal Radio Comission established by the government to regulate the public Broadcast order. by issuing licenses and rules to keep order within Radio broadcasting.
  • WEAF aired the longest commercial on radio

    WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial advertisment. the price of the ad cost about $50.
  • Golden era of Radio started

    the climax of Radio popularity. it became a money making business until TV came out.
  • Evis Presly Born

    Elvis Presly, one of the most famous rock singers, was born.
  • TV replaces Radio

    TV becomes Available to the public, the popularity made Radio less popular,.
  • War of the Worlds Radio Drama

    HG Well's "war of the Worlds" was broadcasted on radio, they read the book as if it was an actual broadcast, the public beleived that aliens were actually attacking.
  • The Day the Music Died.

    Famous Rock and Roll Ledgends Died on the same plane crash all before their own concert. this marked a tragity to Rock fans and an unusual malfuntion left investigators confused and with questions.
  • Apple launches Itunes

    Apple Company Releced Itunes to the internet, allowing the public to download and buy their own music.