History of Piano

  • Preliminary Grade

    This was my first practical exam. I did well- recieved a pass with honours.
  • 2nd Grade Exam

    The following year i completed my 2nd grade practical examination. I skiped 1st grade...
    Didn't do as well as preliminary but received a pass!
  • 3rd Grade Exam

    I played my 3rd grade examination in the Sydney Conservatorium in Sydney. I received a pass with honours.
  • 5th Grade Exam

    This was performed in the city. I received a pass. The examinor was a professional and popular jazz musician who toured around the world.
  • 4th Grade Exam

    This was done in the city. I recieved a pass
  • 6th Grade Exam

    This was my recent examination.
    I received a pass.
  • 2nd Grade musicianship

    This is my first theoretical examination. This was done in Paramatta will many other candidates. I haven't received my results yet.