History of Multicultural Education

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  • Harvard College

    Harvard College
    In 1636, Harvard College which was the first higher education institution was established in Newtowne Massachusetts. This is now Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • New England Primer

    New England Primer
    The New England Primer was a textbook used by students in New England and in other English settlements in North America. In 1690 it was first printed by Benjamin Harris. Over 5 million copies of the book were sold and it was used by students into the 19th century.
  • College of William and Mary

    College of William and Mary
    In 1693, The College of William and Mary was established in Virginia. It was the second college to open in colonial America. It also has the distinction of being Thomas Jefferson's college.
  • Ursuline Academy of New Orleans

    Ursuline Academy of New Orleans
    In 1727 The Ursuline Academy of New Orleans was founded. It is a Catholic school for girls sponsored by Sisters of the Order of Saint Ursula. It is the oldest continuously operating school for girls. It is also the oldest Catholic school in the United States.
  • American Philosophical Society

    American Philosophical Society
    In 1743, Benjamin Franklin formed the American Philosophical Society. The purpose of this was to help bring ideas of the European Enlightenment to colonial America. These ideas emphasized secularism, science, and human reason.
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    In 1754, The French and Indian War began in colonial America. The French and their Indian allies fought the English for territorial control.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    In 1763, The French are defeated, and the French and Indian War ends. The Treaty of Paris is created which gave most French territory in North America to England.
  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War
    In 1775 The Revolutionary War begins. The two battles of Lexington and Concord were the first of the American Revolution. This conflict would escalate from a colonial uprising into a world war which would give the US independence.
  • US Constitution

    US Constitution
    In 1788 The U. S. Constitution is ratified by the required number of states.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He was an anti slavery republican.